if it's important to be first in
market evident provides you
the horsepower
does your evidence translate
into effective selling messages?
are your product submissions robust
and scientifically defendable?
reach higher levels of commercial excellence
through mastery of the evidence
CAPABILITIES & COMPETENCIES capabilities and competencies EXAMPLE
example project briefs WHERE WE
where we add value

Capabilities & Competencies

Market Access Strategies to leverage market advantage example project briefs Identify key strategies and change outcomes required by key stakeholders including; prescribers, KOLs, internal customers, regulators & industry bodies.
Differentiation Strategies to position or reinforce market positions example project briefs Develop positions that set the brand/product apart from competitors and that inform product choice and mindsets.
Messaging Develop and validate the key messages for stakeholders example project briefs Develop persuasive claims and statements that are both scientifically valid & defendable and in line with chosen product strategies & positioning.
Education The Market example project briefs Development & implementation of education materials to support blended training programmes, seminars, internet strategies, PR events & media releases.