if it's important to be first in
market evident provides you
the horsepower
does your evidence translate
into effective selling messages?
are your product submissions robust
and scientifically defendable?
reach higher levels of commercial excellence
through mastery of the evidence
CAPABILITIES & COMPETENCIES capabilities and competencies EXAMPLE
example project briefs WHERE WE
where we add value

Where we add Value

example project briefs Where being first
is the key
Understanding the evidence is vital to making intelligence and incisive market access strategies. Evident can supply strategic resources to help analyse and assess and thereby bring local management teams up to speed quickly and supply the evidential insights to best inform market access decision making.
example project briefs Where fresh insights are needed to change product fortunes Evident can perform comparative analyses including critical appraisals, Meta analysis and high powered statistics to provide new information and novel comparative insights.
example project briefs Working the evidence harder When you have deficient or complex data that is limited in its marketing application. Evident has experience in working with very challenging data sets and can often find ways to complement existing evidence with additional studies or reconstruct data analysis to provide more useful outcomes.
example project briefs Where being best dressed is the key Sometimes it is not what you have to say but how it is said and presented. Evident are practiced communicators and presenters of scientific data. We recognise the value of understanding the local market context and nuances and addressing those key or pivotal points with well targeted communications.