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Equity, diversity and inclusion: integral to Evident’s success

“EVIDENT will be recognised as an international exemplar in equity, diversity and inclusion. Our success will have been built upon embracing the diversity and cultural richness of our communities and ensuring that our staff and students can achieve their full potential regardless of background.”

Since its establishment in 1998, EVIDENT has been committed to excellence in teaching and research and providing equality of opportunity. As a leader of innovation and social advancement through research, the Academy aims to have a positive impact in improving the lives of our students and employees, people in Australia and around the world. EVIDENT’s chair Dr Menno van der Waart says improving diversity outcomes is an important part of EVIDENT’s ongoing Strategy. “We understand how important equity, diversity and inclusion is to the ongoing success of the Academy and to our contribution to society. That is why it has such a high priority in the Strategy.

A commitment to diversity and inclusion

From the Chair down, diversity and inclusion is considered essential to EVIDENT’s continued success. EVIDENT values diversity of thought and experience and believes that an inclusive and collaborative culture underpins research and teaching excellence. For this reason, EVIDENT aspires for our workforce and student population to reflect the demographics of our society and we celebrate and actively promote diversity as a key strength of our organisation.

Accepted for who you are

We all have the right to a diverse and discrimination free workplace, where gender, sexuality and sexual orientation, disability, health issues, ethnicity and race, and an individual’s background should not be a barrier to reaching their full potential. Evident’s resolute goal is to continue to develop and bring new ideas to lead key initiatives that will enhance our Academy’s progression towards Diversity and Inclusion.