is your evidence presented
to its best advantage?
does your evidence translate
into effective selling messages?
are your product submissions robust
and scientifically defendable?
reach higher levels of commercial excellence
through mastery of the evidence
Creating evidence-based commercial advantage

The Evident Group creates value by turning evidence into strategic and competitive advantage. Evident have been providing strategic advisory services and professional development to the Pharma and Allied industries globally since 1999.

Our role is to uncover all the available evidence, validate and verify its fitness of purpose and to use this qualified evidence to achieve superior commercial outcomes.

From mastery of the evidence we generate evidential insights. We do this by placing the evidence into its commercial or local market context. The evidential context may include the brand, product, clinical practice or prevailing market place attitudes and opinions. Evident understands that whilst factual evidence may not change, the context in which is it used can significantly inform how it is accepted, understood or interpreted.

Evident is an international network of scientific, regulatory, academic and commercial specialists. It is this combined expertise and business processes that enables Evident to create significant strategic value and competitive advantage for its clients.