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EVIDENT puts Mastery of the Evidence into marketing communications.
An evidence-based strategic and creative resource that addresses marketing and communications challenges from both the scientific evidence and local market perspectives.
The Evidence is Key
Evidence-based medicine is fundamental to most commercial endeavors in the life science industry from drug discovery, clinical trials, product registration to marketing

This is why marketing & communications insight in life sciences first needs Mastery of the Evidence.

EVIDENT Communications employs good evidential practice (GEvP) which includes a set of ethical practices used in the proper and accurate sourcing, analysing and reporting of clinical scientific evidence.

EVIDENT Communications approach is to ensure that all analyses, statements and product claims are not only persuasive but are also scientifically valid and defendable.

From evidential insight
the most powerful and rigorous creative ideas can be articulated.
EVIDENT Communications empowers client briefs by putting the evidence into its proper context.

This ensures that the evidence is framed in the local market perspective, is supported by a comprehensive retrieval of the body of clinical evidence and is informed by market research that identifies important prevailing attitudes and opinions and key knowledge gaps.

From this market context Evident Communications is able to identify the evidential insights and pivotal market influences of product choice and prescribing behaviour.