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Example Project Briefs

example project briefs Body of Evidence Reviews Often asked to provide a critique of relevant scientific literature ahead of potential new product entrants to assess marketing opportunity, challenges and potential market access issues.
example project briefs Comparative Analyses Including critical appraisals, Meta analysis and high powered statistical analyses to provide new information and novel comparative insights.
example project briefs Strategic Planning Workshops Facilitation of a multi-disciplinary/department brand teams discussions to work through strategic issues and challenges. Evident usually informs the discussion with a critique on relevant clinical studies and associated evidential issues.
example project briefs Communication & Market Access Strategy Includes development of evidential insights based on a review of the body of evidence informed by local market surveys of prevailing attitudes and opinions and gaps. Client objective is to identify the pivotal opportunities and recommendations that may shift product choice or prescribing behaviour.
example project briefs Medical Education identification of key subject matter that has critical influence towards informing and educating areas of potential product decision making.
example project briefs Medical Information Support Provision of second opinion and validation services in support of marketing materials and the presentation of evidence. In this regard we are also asked to develop evidential argumentation regarding code changes and defences.
example project briefs MSL & Representative Clinical Paper Discussion & Presentation Training in the understanding and discussion of the clinical evidence based on client chosen published research. – includes development of necessary skills sets and competencies as well as scripting for objection handling etc.

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The EVIDENT Group is an international consortium of scientific, academic and commercial specialists with expertise focused on evidence-based scientific advisory, strategic marketing and training services to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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